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Existing Charges

Checking the Status of Your Charge

You can find out the specific status of your charge by calling the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC).

Adding to Your Charge

If new events take place after you file your charge that you believe are discriminatory, we can add these new events to your charge and investigate them. This is called “amending” a charge. In some cases, we may decide it is better for you to file a new charge of discrimination. If new events are added to your charge or a new charge is filed, we will send a copy of the new or amended charge to the employer and investigate the new events along with the rest. Keep in mind that the strict deadlines for filing a charge also apply when you want to amend a charge. The fact that you filed an earlier charge may not extend the deadline. For this reason, you should contact your investigator immediately if you think other discriminatory events have taken place.

Updating Your Contact Information

It is important that we know how to contact you while we are investigating your charge. You can update your contact information by calling the Human Affairs Commission at 1-800-521-0725, 711 (Relay).

Requesting a Notice of Right to Sue

You may request a Notice of Right to Sue by contacting SCHAC. You should submit the request in writing. 

If you filed your charge under Title VII (discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin), or under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) based on disability, you must have a Notice of Right To Sue from SCHAC before you can file a lawsuit in court. Generally, you must allow SCHAC 180 days to resolve your charge. Although, in some cases, SCHAC may not be able to issue a Notice of Right to Sue after the 180 days.