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Driving Directions to the SOUTH CAROLINA HUMAN AFFAIRS COMMISSION, located at 1026 Sumter Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201.

Via I-26 W. from Charleston, South Carolina your trip of 113.49 miles should take approximately 1 hour, 57 minutes:    

Start out going north on Meeting St. toward Hayne St.  In 1.8 miles, merge onto I-26 W via the ramp on the left toward North Charleston/Columbia.  Continue 104.4 miles, then merge onto US-21 N/US-321 N/US-176 W via Exit 115 toward Cayce/Columbia. In 6.1 miles, stay straight to go onto Blossom St/US-21-CONN/US-76-CONN. In .6 miles, turn left onto SC-48 N/Assembly St.  In .4 miles turn right onto Pendleton St. continue 2 miles. Turn left onto Sumter St.and 1026 is on the right.


Via I-26 E. from Greenville, South Carolina your trip of 104.26 miles should take approximately 1 hour, 46 minutes:

Start out going north on S. Main St. toward E Court St.  In .3 miles, turn right onto E. North St/SC-183 E.  Continue to follow E North St. In .7 miles, stay stratight to go onto I-385 S.  Continue 42 miles.  I-385 S becomes I-26 E, continue 55.9 miles. Merge on to I-126 E/US-76 E via EXIT 108B on the left toward Downtown Columbia. In 3.3 miles, merge onto Huger St/US-21 S/US-321 S/US-176 E. for 1 mile. Turn left onto Gervais St/US-1 N/US-378E .8 miles.  Continue .2 miles to 1026 Sumter St on your left.


Via I-77 from Charlotte, North Carolina your trip of  93.26 miles should take approximately 1 hour, 37 minutes

Start out going northwest on E. Trade St. toward N. Davidson St. for .1 mile. Turn left onto S. Caldwell St., in .5 miles, merge onto I-277 S/US-74 W.  In 1.2 miles merge onto I-77 S. via EXIT 1B toward Columbia (crossing into SC).  Continue 82.2 miles.  Merge onto SC-277 S via EXIT 18 toward I-20 W/Columbia/Augusta.  Continue 8 miles, stay straight to go onto Bull St/US-76.  Continue .9 miles, then turn right onto Gervais St/US-1 S/US-378 W.  Go .2 miles and turn left onto Sumter St.  1026 Sumter St is on the left.


Via I-20 from Augusta, Georgia your trip of 73.58 miles should take approximately 1 hour, 16 minutes:  

Start out going South on 13th St/McKinnie St/Jefferson Davis Memorial Hwy/US-25-BR/GA-4 toward Broad St.  Continue to follow 13th St/McKinnie St/US-25-BR/GA-4 for .04 miles.  Take the 1st left onto Broad St/US-25-BR S for 1.2 miles. Merge onto US-1 N/US-78 E/US-278 E (crossing into SC), continue 2.1 miles.  Merge onto I-520 E/Palmetto Pky via the ramp on the left toward Columbia/Atlanta for 5.5 miles.  Merge onto I-20 E toward Columbiaand continue 58.6 miles.   Merge onto I-26 E/US-76 E via EXIT 64A towardColumbia.  In .8 miles, merge onto I-126 E/US-76 E via EXIT 108B on the left toward Downtown Columbia. In 3.3 miles, merge onto Huger St/US-21 S/US-321 S/US-176 E.  Continue 1 mile.  Turn left onto Gervais St/US-1 N/US-378 E.  Continue .8 miles, then turn right onto Sumter St-1026 Sumter St is on the left.