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Legal Division

Legal provides final review of all investigated and mediated charges, trains staff on legal aspects concerning the agency, and represents the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission in discrimination litigation where appropriate. 


Legal Information


Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Online Submission

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form (PDF)



Legal Resources

Pregnancy Accommodations Act and Lactation Support Act -English (PDF)

Pregnancy Accommodations Act and Lactation Support Act -Spanish (PDF)

Report on Five-Year Review of Regulations (PDF)

South Carolina Human Affairs Law

South Carolina Human Affairs Regulations (PDF)

Equal Enjoyment and Privileges to Public Accommodations Act

Laws Enforced by EEOC

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination Questions and Answers

Americans with Disabilities Home Page  

South Carolina Fair Housing Law


Administrative Interpretations 

Below you will find clarifications and explanations of select aspects of South Carolina's Human Affairs and Fair Housing Laws. The interpretations below provide a more detailed look at how the Commission applies these laws in specific circumstances. The interpretations also clarify terms and concepts used in these laws. 

1- Broad Acceptance of Federal Guidance (PDF)

2-  Fair Housing Law's Statute of Limitations (PDF)

3- Mobile Homes are dwellings under Fair Housing Law (PDF)

4- Definition of "Persons" who can violate Fair Housing Law (PDF)