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Fair Housing Outreach & Training

The Commission's Fair Housing Outreach & Training Program is essential to achieving the goal of an educated populace with respect to fair housing issues. While it is realized that an Agency can never do enough with respect to getting the message out, our efforts will go a long way towards reaching those in our state who are in the most need of such information.

The Fair Housing Division's reason for the outreach & training effort is to reach out in a systematic manner in order to provide education and training to the constituents of South Carolina.

  • Outreach & training keep the lines of communication open among citizens and providers;
  • Outreach & training is a cooperative effort in the development of programs, projects, activities and services dedicated to the improvement of human relations;
  • Outreach & training actively promote the Fair Housing Law and other Civil Rights Legislations;
  • Outreach & training work toward assuring equal opportunities for all citizens.