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About Us

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The Agency is comprised of the following divisions:  Administration, Employment, Fair Housing, Technical Services and Community Relations, and Legal.

The Administration division is responsible for the overall operation and support services for the agency as well as to serve as a point of contact and facilitator in the community with respect to the agency’s mission. 

The Commissioner is employed by the Governing Board (the Commission), with the approval of the Governor, and is the Chief Administrative Officer. The Commissioner coordinates all agency operations and is responsible to the nine (9) member Governing Board. The Commissioner has the responsibility for ensuring that the agency's operations follow the policies, rules and regulations established by the Commission and the provisions of the South Carolina Human Affairs Laws.

The Employment division serves as the investigative and enforcement arm of the Commission for employment cases. The goal of the division is to prevent and eliminate employment issues which are illegal under the South Carolina Human Affairs Law. The Compliance division is comprised of the following units: Intake, Investigation and  Mediation.

The Fair Housing division is the investigative and enforcement arm of the Commission for housing cases.  The objective of the division is to prevent and eliminate housing discrimination practices that are illegal under the South Carolina Fair Housing Law.  The division also offers training, outreach, and education to the public about the Fair Housing Law.

The Technical Services and Community Relations division provides assistance to employers in the development and revision of their personnel policies and procedures.  The division investigates non employment and public accommodations complaints under South Carolina Human Affairs Law, and the Equal Enjoyment and Privileges to Public Accommodations Act 

The Legal Division represents SCHAC in administrative and judicial proceedings.  Legal Counsel does not participate in the investigation of the case. Legal Counsel reviews most investigative files prior to administrative closure of the case. Legal Counsel advises all divisions of the agency as necessary on matters of the law.