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Non Employment

Non Employment Complaints

Public Accommodations

Complaints based on Public Accommodations are still largely based on race and Respondents are typically food service establishments. Complaints directed towards food service establishments usually involve a party of individuals and result in companion complaints being filed.

Several complaints were received involving the health care industry, based upon race with the issue being triage and/or method of payment for services rendered by the health care professional.

90(e) Complaints of Discrimination

Disputes involving discrimination in police relations, unit education, business practices and other non-employment issues are investigated as 90(e) cases.  These cases were received based on a variety of circumstances, and attempts were made to reconcile the parties or at minimum obtain a position statement on behalf of the respondent for the complainant's information.

While race is the primary basis for 90(e) complaints, one of the most significant areas where 90(e) complaints are received is sexual harassment.