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Non Employment

Non-Employment Complaints

The Human Affairs Commission may process discrimination complaints arising outside of the contexts of housing and employment. The Commission has limited authority to handle the following:

90(e) and Public Accommodations

Section 1-13-90(e) and Public Accommodations discrimination complaints are received based on a variety of circumstances. Attempts are made to reconcile the parties or, at minimum, obtain a position statement on behalf of the respondent for the complainant's information. 

Public accommodations discrimination complaints may be filed on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin. The types of businesses covered include the following: inns, hotels, motels, retail establishments, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, theaters, concert halls, billiard parlors, barrooms, golf courses, sports arenas, stadiums, or other places of amusement, exhibition, recreation, or entertainment. 

The statutory limitation for filing a non-employment and/or 90(e) complaint with Human Affairs is 180 days from the date of violation.