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Technical Services and Training Department


The department's primary function is to assist state agencies with the development and implementation of their affirmative action plans and affirmative action programs. The department maintains a current database on the number of persons available by race and sex who possess the requisite skills to fill positions in the various EEO categories. It provides assistance to employers who are developing and/or revising personnel policies and procedures in the areas of recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, layoffs, recalls from layoffs, and other areas of human resource management. Assistance is also provided to private sector employers upon request. Yearly, the division determines the level of affirmative action goal attainment achieved by state agencies.




Reports to the General Assembly:

2024 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2024 (PDF format)

2023 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2023 (PDF format)

2022 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2022 (PDF format)

2021 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2021 (PDF format)

2020 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2020 (PDF format)

2019 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2019 (PDF format)

2018 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2018 (PDF format)

2017 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2017 (PDF format)

2016 Annual Report (PDF) - February 1, 2016 (PDF format)

2015 Annual Report (PDF) - February 2, 2015 (PDF format)

2014 Annual Report (PDF) - February 4, 2014 (PDF format)